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General Informations

9. May 2023 by OMS

We are pleased to offer you a small but nice selection of holiday cottages at the Cote d´Azur between Monaco and Cannes. They are exclusively private lease objects that we all know personally. With the description on our homepage, we inform you as good as about the single objects.

Please also read imperatively the following information. They apply to all our offers and complete the single object and location descriptions. They serve the purpose of informing about the content of our services. Therefore please mind the fact that our general information applies to all objects and target areas offered by us and that you can only expect what we outline in detail as follows. Our services are provided according to that. Thereby we would like to avoid any misunderstandings and to spare you from any misunderstandings.


The departure should (except when otherwise stipulated) take place on Saturdays till 10a.m. Please also mind hereunto cypher 11.8. of the intermediary regulations.

French standard measurements of beds are different from those in Germany. The length of the beds varies between 6ft 23in and 6ft 56in. The widths of the double beds that very often consist of a single mattress vary between 4ft 94inch and 5ft 90inch. With single beds a width between 27,56inch and 35,43inch is regarded to be normal. A big French bed generally measures 4ft 59inch/5ft 25inch x 6ft 23inch.

Bed linen
In the holiday cottages there are mostly bead spreads and cushions for the amount of persons who are indicated as maximal occupancy. Except as noted otherwise in the object description, bed linen (bed sheets and covers) including hand towels and dish clothes have to be brought along or can be also rented upon request. Please request approximately 1 week before arrival.

Distances/ Ranges
All indications of distances are stated to the best of our knowledge. Indications of distances are generally approximate values and no mathematically exact indications and thus can differ insignificantly.

Burglary Theft
We kindly ask you to lock well everything with absence, the window shutters, too. Please also lock always everything even at nights! For your own safety, please always lock the door. With car rides ALWAYS lock the doors from inside while driving. Do not leave anything visible in the car.

Holiday cottages could have been uninhabited during the low season from October to April before your arrival for some time. Thus the impression can arise that the object is damp. Generally spoken, you have to consider increased dampness/more mould stains in a holiday object that are located at the sea.

Since with holiday cottages and apartments it is a question of private property, the equipment and furniture corresponds to the respective taste of the owner and is subject to changes. It can happen that a holiday object has been cancelled, the furniture has been changed or that other changes have been carried out that are not visible on the photos.

Garden / barbecue
Some holiday cottages are equipped with a garden barbecue. You can use it free of charge. The disposal of the ash and the cleaning of the grill fall to the leaser before departure!
It is basically forbidden to lit naked flame at the properties. (fire hazard!)

Garden furniture
Please consider to take in possible available self-contact surfaces, sunbeds as well as sunshades at nights and when being absent from the property. The amount of garden chairs does not always equal the amount of persons that are allowed to live in the holiday cottage. Sunshades/shade dispensers are available at most of the holiday cottages. Please generally close all sunshades and blinds when leaving the house, because often unexpected strong winds can occur (mistral).

House book
In most of the holiday cottages there is a house book with the most important details. Please simply ask hereunto the house manager at the arrival.

For the permission for bringing pets along, we kindly refer you to the holiday cottage description. In this case we ask you to confer previously with MaisonAzur. We are glad in case the landlords accept pets. Please do not let your dogs into the bed, into the swimming pool or on the cushions. The property also should not serve as a toilet! In any case, please remove any dog poops before your departure. Even as the end cleaning is included in the price or has been ordered, the holiday object has to be cleaned from dog and cat hair before departure. THE DOG OR THE CAT IS NEVER ALLOWED TO BE LEFT ALONE AT THE HOLIDAY OBJECT.

For the appropriate information we kindly refer you to the house book of the respective object or ask the house manager. Please always tie the bin liners well.

Please do not smoke in the bedrooms. Please observe the company rules. Thank you very much.

Opening Hours
The opening hours vary a lot in France, especially during the peak season where the shops are very often open till 9p.m. or even longer. On Sundays the superstores such as E. Leclerc, Carrefour and Intermarché are most of the time even open all day. Off-peak season you have to keep in mind that the shops are closed and thus the distance to the next shopping possibility is by far larger.

Celebrating of parties is generally not allowed without any previous agreement with the owner.

Most of the holiday cottages provide a private swimming pool. As a rule, the swimming pool is maintained once a week. In case you have the feeling that something is not right with the water quality, please do not hesitate to call the house manager/bailiff. Swimming pool alert/batteries: In France, it is he law that the swimming pool alert has to be switched on respectively there have to be barriers around it, in order to protect toddlers from drowning. But of course, that is not a 100% security against drowning and does not replace YOUR obligatory supervision.
Never leave your children unattended!

If you have rented a house with heated swimming pool, please inform us to heat the pool 1 week before arrival. (ca 26° in season Mai – beginning october)

You will get the house keys and remote controls for the electronic doors at your arrival and we ask you to return them at your departure. In case keys, locking systems or remote controls should get lost, we have to bill you for it.

Extra Equipment
Some holiday objects are equipped with washing machine, laundry drier, dishwasher, microwave or similar. Possible damages to these appliances cannot be repaired at the weekend. A short term breakdown of the washing machine, dishwasher or similar DOES NOT entitle to payment of a refund.

Petrol prices vary much more in France than e.g. in Germany, partially by more than 30%, even within one and the same location. We recommend to fuel at the petrol stations of the superstores such as E. Leclerc, Carrefour etc., since there the petrol prices are most of the time by far cheapest.

Toilets/ IMPORTANT!!!!
Please do not throw any tampons, sanitary towels, cigarettes or vast quantities of toilet paper into the toilet. Furthermore we kindly ask you not to use any caustic disinfectants, since in France, most of the house that are situated outside the city center are not connected to the public sewage system, but have instead a “Fosse septique“/absorbing well!

At the Côte d´Azur water is a very precious property. Please do not deal lavishly with it. The sockets are similar to the German ones, no adapter necessary.

Based on the climate bugs of various kind can occur (e.g. mosquitoes, ants, earwigs, etc.). We cannot assume any liability for that. In case of a possible acute insect attack, please contact the house manager.
All houses have been personally selected by us with high diligence and we bring the owners to make your holidays as pleasant as possible.

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